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1 Compatibility of Biorationals with Certain Agrochemicals and their Phytotoxicity on Blackgram K Sunil Varma, D Anil Kumar, S Dhurua and S Ramesh Babu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
2 Statistical Modelling on India Coffee Exports – A Time Series Approach K Gnana Prakash, D Ramesh, V Srinivasa Rao and G Raghunadha Reddy Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
3 A Study on Cropping Pattern Changes in Southern Zone of Andhra Pradesh – A Markov Chain Approach P Venu Gopal Naidu, K N Sreenivasulu, V Srinivasa Rao and K S R Paul Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
4 Online and Digital Learning Behaviour of Farmers in Andhra Pradesh K Sravya, V Jyothi, B Vijayabhinandanaand D Ramesh Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
5 Profile Characteristics of Chilli Growers Affected by Climate Risk in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh T Samyuktha, M S Rao, M Rama Devy and K N Sreenivasulu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
6 Constraints in Conserving the Biodiversity of Rice in Wayanad district of Kerala Akhilesh P K, B Vijayabhinandana, V Jyothi and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
7 Constraints Faced by Farmers in Agriculture during COVID-19 Pandemic B Srikanya, V Jyothi, M Srinivasa Rao and K N Sreenivasulu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
8 Training Need Assessment of Extension Officers on Oil Palm K L Mary Rani, M V Prasad, S Shivashankar and P Anitha Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
9 Determinants of Adoption of Swarna (MTU-7029) Rice Variety in Godavari Zone of Andhra Pradesh S Prasanthi, K Suseela and K N Ravi Kumar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
10 Long-term Application of Inorganic Fertilizer and Organic Manures on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Wet Land Rice Soils D Srinivas and T V Sridhar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
11 Soil Physico-Chemical Properties, available Nutrient Status of Agricultural College Farm, Naira P Gurumurthy, D Srinivas, CYasmin and A Upendra Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
12 Seasonal Incidence of Shoot fly Atherigona soccata (Rondani) on Minor Millets in Relation to Weather Parameters K Swathi, S Dhurua, D Anil Kumar and S Ramesh Babu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
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