Title: Performance Evaluation of Different Millet Dehullers

Authors: V Vasudeva Rao, B V S Prasad, S Vishnu Vardhan and B John Wesley

ABSTRACT: Millets often referred to as nutri-cereals due to their rich nutrient content and hold significant promise for enhancing profitability in cultivation through value addition. Traditional dehulling method is associated with significant drudgery, which is considered one of the primary obstacles preventing milletsfrom reaching their full potential. Choosing an appropriate millet dehuller is of utmost importance for processing millets at the village level or forsmall entrepreneur processing. Dehulling process of kodo millet, foxtail millet, little millet, browntop and barnyard millets was assessed using four different millet dehullers developed at TNAU, CIAE, and a rubber roller sheller. The dehulling efficiency and broken percentage of the millet dehullers were evaluated in single and double passes.Among these dehullers, the CIAE millet mill demonstrated suitability for processing all types of millets. The TNAU double-chamber dehuller proved to be effective for dehulling foxtail and kodo millets, while the TNAU single-chamber dehuller was found suitable for foxtail millets only.

Keywords: Broken percentage, Dehulling efficiency, Single and double pass dehulling and Value addition