S.NO Title and Authors Name Country
1 Effect of Storage on Quality Parameters of Bottled Sugarcane Juice K Nagamani, P V K Jagannadha Rao, D Smith and G Ravi Babu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
2 Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Compost for Agricultural Application: A Case Study in Vijayawada City, Andhra Pradesh K Vasundhara, G V Lakshmi, G Ramachandra Rao and G Kishore Babu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
3 Adoption Dynamics of Farmers towards Soil Health Cards in Prakasam District G. Sivanarayana Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
4 Study on Constraints Experienced by Shrimp Exporters in Andhra Pradesh K J V K Sirisha, D V Subba Rao, Y Radha, V Srinivasa Rao and P Rambabu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
5 Factors Affecting the Viability of Tenant Farmers and Tenant Farm Households in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh Y Jhansi, N Sunanda, Y Radha and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
6 Remote Sensing and GIS Based Modeling of Crop/Cover Management Factor (C) of USLE in Guravajipetta Watershed G Deepthi Kumari, M Raghu Babu, A Mani and Ch Sujani Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
7 Relationship Between Family Environment and Mental Health Status of Tribal Adolescents Sk Juhiya, L Uma Devi and Bilquis Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
8 Development of Value Added Biscuits by Using Foxtail millet and Moringa Leaves Y Navaneetha, K Lakshmi and J Lakshmi Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
9 Comparative Analysis of Vitamin C Content in Fresh and Processed Fruit Juices in Guntur City P Soumya, J Lakshmi and K Lakshmi Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
10 Influence of Weather Parameters on Pheromone Trap Catch of Pink Bollworm, Pectiniophora gossypiella on Bt Cotton under Field Condition N Maruti, N V V S Durga Prasad, C Sandhya Rani and M Adinarayana Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
11 Influence of High Density Planting System (HDPS) on Occurrence of Fungal Foliar Diseases in Cotton Ch Yamuna, S L Bhattiprolu, V Prasanna Kumari, Ch Chiranjeevi and P Anil Kumar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
12 Screening of F2:3 Mapping Population of Swarna Sub1 / AC39416A for Anaerobic Germination in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) B Sai Mohan, N Chamundeswari, T Haritha and N Veronica Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India