S.NO Title and Authors Name Country
1 Climate Change Induced Abnormal Flowering Pattern in Mango L G K Naidu G Subbi Reddy V Ramamurthy T Prathibha M V S Naidu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
2 Trends in Area, Production and Productivity of Chickpea in Prakasam District N Bhavya, V Srinivasa Rao, Shaik Nafeez Umar and Y Radha Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
3 A study on Organizational Effectiveness of ANGRAU as perceived by Research and Extension Scientists T Prasantha Kumar, B Vijayabhinandana, G Sivanarayana, Ch Pulla Rao and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
4 Technological gap in Groundnut Production Technology in Prakasham District of Andhra Pradesh O Sarada and G V Suneel kumar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
5 Profile characteristics of Agripreneurs in Andhra Pradesh V Deepthi, P Rambabu, T Gopikrishna, D Vishnu Sankar Rao and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
6 Adoption level and constraints of direct sown rice farmers in Guntur district of Andhra pradesh Sowjanya Cheruku, B Mukunda Rao, T Gopi Krishna and M Sree Rekha Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
7 Relationship of Profile Charecteristics of Blackgram Growers With Their Level of Knowledge M Raghavendra Reddy, T Gopi Krishna, B Mukunda Rao and B Venkateswarlu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
8 Economics Of Value addition in Chillies in Krishna zone of Andhra Pradesh M Chandrasekhar Reddy, G Raghunadha Reddy and D Vishnu Sankar Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
9 Impact of Climate Change on Crop Production in Krishna river basin of Andhra Pradesh. N S Praveen Kumar, K S R Paul and D V S Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
10 Exploring alternative materials for construction of centrifugal pumps A Rama Rao, G Ravi babu, H V Hema kumar, D Bhaskara Rao and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
11 Energy usage and benefit -cost analysis of Cotton production in Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh R Ravindra Raju and P Vidhu Kampurath Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
12 Effect of speed of operation on performance of tractor drawn rotary spider weeder K V S Rami Reddy, Aum Sarma, S Joseph Reddy, M Raghu Babu and M Vijay Kumar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india