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1 Application of Growth Models for Trend in Area of Wheat Crop in India J Meghana, K Nirmal Ravi Kumar and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
2 Elements of Capacity Building of Agricultural Advisory Board Members – A Case of Srikakulam District V Rajendra Prasad, G S Roy, S Govinda Rao and K Shanti Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
3 Effect of Foliar Nutrition on the Growth and Productivity of Greengram (Vigna radiata L) G Vijaya Kumar, L Rajesh Chowdary, S Rama Devi, G Subba Rao, M Guru Prasad and V Sri Devi. Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
4 Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen Source on the Production of Amylase Enzyme by Bacillus spp. under Solid State Fermentation N Pandeeswari and N Kiruthiga Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
5 Screening of Certain Rice cultures against Asian Rice Gall midge S. Malathi Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
6 Climate Change Related Plant Protection ITKs and their Scientific Rationality B S N S Gowtham KumarR Ashaand B Vijayabhinandana Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
7 Viable Integrated Farming Systems(IFS) for Sustainable Livelihood of Rural Youth – Case Study Analysis in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh. P Venkata Rao, G S Roy, S Neelaveni and D Chinnam Naidu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
8 Assessing the Impact of Aalambana Mobile App on Knowledge Levels of Anganwadi Workers and Rural Mothers Bilquis, K M Madhumathi, G Shainy and B Prashanthi Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
9 Abundance of Entrepreneurial opportunities in Agriculture : A Review P Shrivastava and Anupama Verma Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
10 Perception and Adoption of Soil Health Cards (SHCs) by the farmers in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. G S Roy, S Neelaveni, P Venkata Rao and D Chinnam Naidu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
11 Assessment of Relationships between Rainfall and Canal Water for Maximization of Yield of Major Crops under Telugu Ganga Project Command in Andhra Pradesh Ch Murali Krishna, B Ramana Murhy, N V Sarala, A V S Durga Prasad and M V Ramana Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
12 Effect of Inorganic Fertilizers and Humic Acid on Soil Nutrients of Foxtail Millet Crop under Foxtail Millet-Bengal Gram Cropping System Y S Satish Kumar, Ch Sujani Rao, P R K Prasad, K Jayalalitha, S Jaffar Basha and TVenkata Sridhar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
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