S.NO Title and Authors Name Country
1 Analysis of Arrivals and Prices of Red Chillies in Guntur Market of Andhra Pradesh D Ramesh, V Srinivasa Rao, G Raghunatha Reddy, E S V Narayana Rao and Sk Nafeez Umar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
2 Farmers Preparedness for Agricultural Contingencies in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh V Jyothi, B Vijayabhinandana and P Venkata Subbaiah Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
3 Innovative Technologies in Crop and Livestock Enterprises for Economic Development of the Farmers in Khammam District M S Rao and N Mallikharjuna Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
4 Estimating the Efficiency of SHGs: Under Bank Linkage Programme in Andhra Pradesh R Saidhar, V Srinivasa Rao, S Bharat and K Vykhaneswari Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
5 Marketing Inter-Linkages in Major Farming Systems in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh H Srinivasa Rao , D V Subba Rao and Y Radha, P Rambabu and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
6 Market Arrivals and Price Behaviour of Potato: A Case Study of Bangalore Market M Areef, Y Radha and S Rajeswari Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
7 Financial Profitability and Sensitivity Analysis of Coffee Cultivation in Paderu Division of Andhra Pradesh Ch Satish Kumar, K S R Paul, K Umadevi and Sk Nafeez Umar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
8 Engineering Properties of Certain Minor Millet Grains V Vasudeva Rao, S V S Gopala Swamy, D Sandeep Raja and B John Wesley Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
9 Support of Wireless Sensor Networks Technology in Agriculture B Balaji Bhanu, Mohammed Ali Hussain and Mahmood Ali Mirza Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
10 Efficacy of Indigenous Materials and Profenophos Combinations against P. Solenopsis under Laboratory Conditions B Lavanya, B Ratna Kumari, T Madhumathi and V Prasanna Kumari Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
11 Evaluation of Bio-intensive Integrated Pest Management Strategies against Sugarcane Borer Complex D Sudha Rani and K Krishnamma Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
12 Preference of Red Flour Beetle, Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) to Dehulled Millet Grains S V S Gopala Swamy, D Sandeep Raja, V Vasudeva Rao and B John Wesley Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India