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1 Achieving India’s Export Potential of Rubber R S Afiya, K S Harsha and Palguna Erraiah Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
2 Dry Matter Accumulation in Different Growth Stages of Maize (Zea Mays (L.)) Hybrids in Relation to Growing Degree Days M Ravibabu, K L Narasimha Rao, Y Ashoka Rani, M Martin Luther and P R K Prasad Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
3 Yield and Economic Advantage of Groundnut – Millets Intercropping System B Sai Praharsha, K Mosha, M Sree Rekha and M Latha Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
4 Situational Analysis of School Environment and Academic Achievement of Selected Ashram Schools in Tribal Areas of Visakhapatnam L Hema, Bilquis and L Uma Devi Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
5 Constraints Faced by Agri-Input Dealers and their Suggestions U Kiran Kumar Reddy, P V Satya Gopal, V Sailaja And S V Prasad Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
6 Impact of Loan Waiver Scheme on Lending Agenices in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh S Amrutha, I V Y Rama Rao, Y Radha, V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
7 Technical Efficiency of Mechanised Rice Production in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh Sk Gousiya, K Suseela, K Umadevi, Sk Nafeez Umar and K V S Rami Reddy Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
8 A Time Series Analysis on Shrimp Production from India and Andhra Pradesh Using ARIMA Model K J V K Sirisha, D V Subba Rao, V Srinivasa Rao and P Rambabu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
9 Dissipation and Risk Assessment of Chlorantraniliprole Residues in Vegetable Cowpea Banka Kanda Kishore Reddy, Ambily Paul and Thomas George Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
10 Host Range and Descriptions of Economically Important Genera of Typhlocybinae Leafhoppers (Cicadellidae: Hemiptera) from North Coastal Andhra Pradesh Sangeetha Lochala, P Seetha Ramu, S Dhurua and M Suresh Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
11 Investigation on Incidence, Thrip Species, Weed Hosts and ‘N’ Gene Characterization of Groundnut bud Necrosis Virus Infecting Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L) K Sarath Babu, K Vemana, A K Patibanda, B Sreekanth and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
12 Cross Infectivity Studies of Colletotrichum spp., causing Anthracnose in Different Beans S Narasimha Rao, S L Bhattiprolu, V Prasanna Kumari, A Vijaya Gopal, P Anil Kumar and P Prasuna Rani Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
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