S.NO Title and Authors Name Country
1 A Study on Profile of Direct Sown Rice Farmers in Guntur District of Andhra pradesh Sowjanya Cheruku, B Mukundarao, T Gopi Krishna and M Sree Rekha Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
2 Knowledge and Adoption Levels of Redgram Farmers on Recommended Production Technology in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh O Sarada and G V Suneel kumar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
3 Components of Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Agripreneurs in Andhra Pradesh V Deepthi, P Rambabu, T Gopikrishna, D Vishnu Sankar Rao and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
4 Knowledge level of farmers on No-till Maize Technologies in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh P Vara Prasad, B Mukunda Rao, G Sivanarayana and Ch Pulla Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
5 Constraints and Suggestions elicited by Rice farmers under Collective farming of Kudumbashree in Kannur district, Kerala Anusha Anwar, P Rambabu, T Gopikrishna and Ch Pullarao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
6 Trade Competitiveness of Oilseeds and Oils in India A Aruna Kumari, K Krishna Reddy and K Uma Devi Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
7 Growth and Instability of Maize Production in Andhra Pradesh: – An Inter-District Analysis N S Praveen Kumar and K S R Paul Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
8 An Economic Analysis of Oilpalm Cultivation in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh K Solmon Raju Paul, N S Praveen Kumar and CH Satish Kumar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
9 Economic Viability and Financial Feasibility of Installing Drip Irrigation System Without Subsidy in Coconut Cultivation In Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh. P Gayatri Devi, N Sunanda, D V S Rao and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
10 A Comparative Study on Semi-Mechanized and Traditional Practices of Paddy Farming with Benefit-Cost Analysis R Ravindra Raju and P Vidhu Kampurath Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
11 Performance Evaluation of Manually Operated Pull Type Inclined Plate Planter M Shravani, D Vaishnavi, D Srigiri, P Sowmya , Ch Nagasri, P Sravanthi, C Vamsidhar Reddy Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
12 Stability Studies on Tomato Paste From Blends of Natty and Hybrid Varieties Ch Dakshayani Devi, Samual Jaddu and K Sindhuja Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india