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1 Studies on Different Methods of Sowing for Blackgram (Vigna mungo L.) under Rice Fallows DVijayKumar, C Ramana, KVS Rami Reddy, SKaleemullah, B Ravindra Reddy and S Pratibha Sree Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
2 Changes in Soil Enzyme Activity and Microbial Population with Incorporation of Crop Residue along with Microbial Consortium in Black Cotton Soils AJ Suvarna Latha, PRatna Prasad, NTrimurtulu andVSrinivasa Ra Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
3 Effect of Nanoscale Gypsum on Nutrient Uptake of Groundnut Grown in Sodic Soils of Chittor District in Andhra Pradesh DAnusha, CH Bhargava Rami Reddy, T NV K V Prasad, PMaheswara Reddy, KV Nagamadhuri andMVS Naidu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
4 Effect of Nutrient Management Practices on Productivity and Quality in Finger Millet under Zero Tillage Conditions in Rice Fallows YSandhya Rani,UTriveni,NAnuradha and TS SKPatro Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
5 Assessment of Shelf Life of Trichoderma Formulations Stored in Different Packing Materials B Swathi B, A K Patibanda and Lal Ahamed M Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
6 Screening Barnyard Millet Genotypes under Natural Field Conditions against Sheath Blight Disease incited by Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn TS SK Patro, NAnuradha,YSandhya Rani, UTriveni, D Sabina Mary,K B Palanna and I K Das Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
7 Screening of Greengram Genotypes for Resistance to Sucking Pests Under Natural Conditions DMounika,C Sandhya Rani, NKamakshi, Rani Chapara and PKishoreVarma Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
8 Diversity and Abundance of Foliar Arthropods in Different Crop Ecosystems S Divya Sri, B Ratna Kumari, S R Koteswara Rao and Ch Varaprasada Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
9 Path Coefficient Analysis Studied in Ridge Gourd (Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb.) Genotypes N Madhavi, L NaramNaidu, D Ratna Babu,K UmaKrishna and S Pavani Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
10 Heritability Studies in Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucam (L.) R. Br) for Grain Yield and other Agronomic Traits NAnuradha,TS SKPatro,YSandhyaRani,UTriveni, PKranthi Priya,VikasKhandelwal andCTara Satyavathi Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
11 Performance of Groundnut Genotypes (Arachis hypogaea L.) for Yield and Yield Attributing Characters Suitable for Rainfed Tracts of Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh P Haritha, LRajesh Chowdary, B Pramila Rani andAMounica Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
12 Genetic Variability Studies for Yield and Nutritional Quality Traits in Greengram [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek] S P Lakshmi Priyanka, N Hari Satyanarayana, J Sateesh Babu and D Ramesh Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF India
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