S.NO Title and Authors Name Country
1 Evaluation of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Genotypes Against Blight Caused by Colletotrichum dematium Ch Varaprasada Rao Y D Narayana Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
2 Characterization of Salt Affected Soils in Visakhapatnam District of North-Coastal Andhra Pradesh P Jamuna Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
3 Variability and Character Association in Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) P Kiran Kumar V Chenga Reddy M Lal Ahamed V Srinivasa Rao K V Siva Reddy C Panduranga Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
4 Effect of Salt Stress on Germination and Seedling Growth of Rice Cultivars M Sudharani V Jayalakshmi Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
5 Profile Characteristics of the Farmers in the Adopted and Non-adopted Villages of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Amadalavalasa in Srikakulam A Manoj, G Sivanarayana, Ch Ramesh Babu and V Srinivasa Rao Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
6 Efficacy of Gramasiri Programme with Regard to Nutritional Status of Pre-school Children V Santhi Sri Kotamamba and P Yashoda Devi Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
7 Direct and Indirect Relationship of Farmers’ Personal, Psychological and Communication Characteristics and Their Perceived Communication Effectiveness of Extensionists O Sarada and K Prabhakar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
8 Water Use Efficiency of Paddy Crop under Narsapur Canal Irrigation System G Sunil Kumar Babu and S M Shareef Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
9 Hypsometric Analysis of Selected Subwatersheds of Ag2 Watershed in Krishna River Subcatchment N Ashokkumar and B Maheshwara Babu Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
10 Optimization of Process Parameters to Dry Different Hybrids and Varieties of Chillies in Barns Ch V V Satyanarayana and C R Sukumaran Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
11 Effect of Chemicals and Temperatures on Breaking Seed Dormancy in Kakrol (Momordica dioica Roxb.) T S K K Kiran Patro and K Malla Reddy Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india
12 Effect of Curing and Preservation of Aonla During Storage at Ambient Temperature V Bali Reddy , G Bindu Madhavi and C F Sikindar Abstract DOWNLOAD PDF india